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Hi! I’m Julissa. I work out of my home studio in Austin, Texas.

I illustrate for the Children and Teen market. Thank you for stopping by! A little about me and how I got started... I'm a Cuban American that was born and raised in Miami. I love my Cuban culture, especially the food. We celebrate life and eat well! Lately, I've been inspired by all of the new experiences I'm having in my new hometown with my family and friends!

I graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Illustration. After graduating, I worked as in-house graphic artist for various companies before finding my true passion at American Greetings, creating SUPER cute, FUN, and whimsical illustrations for cards, which lead me to a love for all things cute! 

In 2010, I took a leap of faith and stepped into the world of freelance and have not looked back since. I enjoy creating eye catching art for all things kids and teen related.

Selected clients: American Girl, American Greetings, Capstone Publishing, Duopress, Educational Insights, High Five Magazine, Highlights for Children, Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House, Peaceable Kingdom, Scholastic, Target, and many more.

Client recommendations

Julissa has worked on numerous projects for us over the years. She is responsible for the playful and whimsical look of our Magic Moves line, consisting of 3 separate products, one including a 16 page book. This year, Julissa was challenged with interpreting the classic fairy tale “The Elves and the Shoemaker” for our Hot Dots Jr. line, and the result is a modern and attractive take. What makes Julissa stand out from the dozens of illustrators we work with is her positive attitude and not being afraid to propose creative ideas. She makes the illustrator-designer work relationship a collaborative and interactive one, resulting in a product that everyone is happy with. I highly recommend Julissa and can’t wait to work with her again on another project!

Jessie Min
Design Manager at Educational Insights


Julissa has done 2 large illustration book projects, and several smaller commissions for me at Positive Promotions. I loved her style the first time I saw it online—convinced others she was great for the job. Our Smart Parenting book is a success and I think the artwork remains fresh and attractive almost 8 years later. Recently she illustrated an early-learning teacher planner and it was a huge success. Her style is great because it is whimsical and appeals to professional people as well (you know what I mean). She is great to work with. Love the textures!

Martin Heinritz
Art Director, Positive Promotions